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Mothers are great text and some flowers

Mothers are great! They give up a lot for their children. Their jobs, their waistline, years of peace and quiet. From the moment they are sure most of the mums would do instinctively anything for their children. Let’s face it, we would not be here without the sacrifices of our mothers.

On the 11th of March we can focus on our mums by reminding them of how much we love them and how much we appreciate they tender loving care. We all want to make our mum feel special on this day, but buying flowers and cards can be a bit repetitive. Luckily there are other options, too.

A mother plays the most important role in a family. She nurtures every member to their fullest potential. All she wants is to see her children growing up healthy and happy and she is usually alway just a call away. Why not give her something that will help her to have a beautiful skin? Surprise her with something which helps her feel more youthful!

Here are some picks for mother’s day gift from our beautiful natural and organic skin care products bundled up with a new arrival: Eternal Beauty Face Serum with anti-aging effects.

Bundle of Eternal Beauty Face Serum and Sweet Delight Body Butter

Being a mother well might be the toughest job in the world and she can’t just take a day off from her duties. What do you give to a mum who has almost all but no time for herself? Well, extra pampering of course.

Treat your mum with a pampering gift so that she can enjoy a bit of escape of everyday's hustle and bustle with a spa like atmosphere.

The duo of Eternal Beauty Face Serum and Sweet Delight Body Butter is a lovely little luxury gift for mums who like to have a hot bath or shower and cover themselves with scented and nourishing skin care products afterwards. As soon as the pot of the body butter is opened, refreshing scent of orange and grapefruit fills the space, while the face serum is rich in healthy fatty acids and natural antioxidants to keep skin soft.

Right from the moment your mum wakes up she can be the queen of the day. Bring her breakfast in bed and place this bundle on the tray next to her coffee and toast.

Bundle of Eternal Beauty Face Serum and Velvet Touch Body Butter

Certainly one of the best ways to honour mums on Mother’s Day is to recognise they needs. This set of Eternal Beauty Face Serum and Velvet Touch Body butter with its subtle aroma is an ideal gift for busy mums. It has the power to make everything more positive and relaxed.

The perfect gift for the mum-on-the go, who can just stop at the end of a busy day and spare some than a moment for herself. With this bundle you will gift mindfulness for your mother, helping her feeling relaxed and free. If you want to give her something, this is a lovely gift to make her smile and uplifted.

This bundle is a nice combination for everyday gentle skincare. Soothing lavender and chamomile are helping to nurture sensitive skin while using the body butter as an all over moisturiser. The anti-aging face serum can be a great partner to maintain healthy skin complexion and hydrated cheeks.

Hide these natural skin care products in your mum’s bathroom cabinet behind a big postcard and wait until she discovers it. Picture her face when she finally finds your secret gift.

Bundle of Eternal Beauty Face Serum and Flower Power Body Butter

There is something about flowers that can fill women’s heart up with a glee. Awaken your mum’s senses with the floral duo of the Eternal Beauty Face Serum and Flower Power Body Butter. It’s a gorgeous gift for anyone who loves sweet and flowery scents.

If your mum likes being in a summer garden Eternal Beauty Face Serum scented with ylang ylang and Flower Power Body Butter with a hint of geranium rose essential oil is just the ticket!

The cut flowers can fade shortly but the body butter will be something special she can open up day after day and feel like she would step into an exotic garden. Formulated with rich and natural plant oils both products aim to protect skin and help cell regeneration.

Be creative and place these nice smelling goodies in a basket filled with your mother’s favourite flowers.

Mother’s Day comes once every year but that should not let to stop you from expressing your gratitude every day. Weather they are grandmothers, aunties, adopted mothers or birthmothers, mums deserve that extra special bit of love and the feeling how fabulous they are.


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