3 ways of upcycling packaging

magicaltree recycling upcycling

3 ways of upcycling packaging

Using packaging made of recycled and recyclable materials is paramount for us at Magical Tree. We believe that any kind of products should have as little packaging as possible and these packaging should be all recyclable. We are great fans of upcycling and would like to give you some idea how you could use the packaging of our products.

Create a seaside in a jar

1. Create a seaside display
Pop some pebbles and shells collected from the beach in a body scrub jar and make it as a centerpiece of your bathroom or window seal. You can pot up some succulents as well placed in the middle of the jar between the stones.

Scent your spaces

2. Scent your spaces
Dry some flowers, such as lavender, rose, cornflower, hydrangea. Sprinkle them with your favourite perfume or with a couple of drops of essential oil and fill the petals in empty body butter jars. Place your handmade potpourri in your drawer or your wardrobe and enjoy the lovely scent any time you open it.

Jar it up

3. Jar it up
Keep your utility drawer well organized and tidy. If you have some extra buttons, leftover ribbons or any other bits and bobs, use the empty body scrub and body butter jars to store anything tiny you don’t want to lose.

These are just a few ideas. We hope you will have great fun reusing our product packaging and if you have some other upcycling ideas please don’t hesitate to share it with us.

Emmy & Laz
Emmy Laz

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  • Laz on

    Hi Kelly,

    Both the body butters and body scrubs are sold in glass jars with EPE lined aluminium lids (plus all our products are strictly microplastic-free).

    I hope this helps.


  • Kelly on

    What are the body butter jars….glass or plastic?

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