5 funny and romantic gift ideas for Valentine's Day

funny gift ideas romantic gift ideas Valentine's Day

5 funny and romantic gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Love is celebrated all around the world in different ways and at different times of the year. Love is the life and soul of humanity. Although we kind of forget about it in the everyday hustle, it is nice to have a special day to express its importance.

There are so many ways to express love on Valentine’s day: with poems, special chocolates, flowers, big or tiny gifts, hugs or simply by adoration. But you can take inspiration from our 5 funny and romantic gift ideas for Valentines Day.

Luckily you do not necessarily have to have a sweetheart to give a bit of love on the 14th of February. You can still make funny Valentine’s day gifts and celebrate with people around you. You can say thank you to anyone for being there on grey everydays or at great moments of life.
You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money, just look around and be creative. With a small handmade gift you can make the day of the love of your life, a friend, your parents, your child, or just cheer up a nice colleague or a lovely neighbour.

Here are some ideas to inspire you.

1. Message in the matchbox

Message in the matchbox

Spending a Sunday afternoon to create something special is worth the efforts. These funky matchbox messages were made of leftover materials that I had found in my drawer. There are many ideas on the net. Make some research, use your endless fantasy and create a your-very-unique gift to bring smile into someone’s life.

2. Stone sized love

Stone sized love

A great many of people bring home pebbles form a woodland walk or a seaside holiday. Keeping them in a box, in the bathroom or on a window sill is one way to preserve a memory, while decorating them with lovely patterns and giving them to someone is another. All you need is an acrylic pen and you can start to enliven your stones and bring a bit of love into someone’s life.

3. Love in a pot

Love in a pot

The appearance of men carrying big bunches of red roses bought last minute is very typical on Valentine’s day. However, you can choose to do something else, which might turn out to be more interesting and last longer than cut flowers. Take one or more succulents, a piece of paper, a pen, and practice letter art. You can be ready with your customized gift in 10 minutes.

4. Take it easy

Take it easy

Life does not need to be so serious, neither love. There is more fun in it as you would think. Find your sense of humor and use it to make people around you smile. Give fun as a Valentine’s day present and it will never be forgotten. Like this paper moustache on a stick, which could be a trigger of entertaining portraits with your friends and family.

5. The light of love

The light of love

Giving a candle does not really seem a unique idea, especially not for Valentine’s day. But giving a tailored candle holds much more interest. You can write all the reasons, why you love a person on a piece of paper, wrap around a jar or an empty glass and place a candle in the middle. Or just cut a heart into a decorative wax-paper like I did, and gift the magic of candle light as a symbol ot the warmth of your love.

The day of love and friendship in our western culture is at the end of winter, when days are getting longer, the quire of birds is louder every morning and tiny flowers are popping out of the frozen soil, and there is a kind of sensation hanging in the air. The sensation of spring, love and humanity. Be part of it!


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