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Although Easter is one of the greatest Christian festivals of the year, most of the folklore traditions around the world have they roots in ancient history long before the arrival of Christianity.

Easter is not only the end of the winter but the end of the lent as well and to mark it there are a lot of customs, traditions and food. Some countries have they very special way to celebrate Easter. We selected some of the European ones for you to make you smile and maybe to inspire you to try some of them.

1. Egg rolling in England

The tradition of egg rolling in England

It is not all about hot cross buns and chocolate eggs in basket delivered by the easter bunny. An older game in the north of England is to roll eggs against one another or down hill. Hard boiled eggs are rolled down slopes to see whose egg goes furthest.

If eggs are banged against each other the owner of the egg that stays in one piece without any cracks the longest is the winner.

2. Giant omelette served in France

The tradition of serving a giant omelette in France

It is worthwhile to visit the city of Haux in France this time of the year. You well may have served with a bit of a giant omelette in some of the town’s main square. The story behind this gastro feast goes back to Napoleon. When he and his army were traveling through south of France, they stopped in a small town and he ate omelettes. Napoleon liked it so much that he ordered the local people to gather all their eggs and make a giant omelette for his army as well.

3. “Sprinkling” in Hungary

The tradition of sprinkling women in Hungary

A popular tradition on Easter Monday, when boys are visiting girls to tell a poem and sprinkle them with water or spray them with perfume to keep them young and fresh. As a reward they receive a neatly painted egg and they are served with a lot of different cakes, too.

This tradition goes back to the ancient beliefs of fertility symbolised by the egg and the cleaning, healing effect of fresh water.

4. Hanging eggs in Germany

The tradition of hanging eggs in Germany

Today eggs are nearly synonymous with Easter. Chocolate egg hunt is on the weekend programme almost everywhere in Germany.

Coloured easter eggs are hanging from single branches in houses but also on the streets on trees. Sometimes hundreds of them.

5. Secret letters in Denmark

The tradition of sending secret letters in Denmark

A tradition of sending relatives and friends paper cuttings which often look like snowdrop is called gækkebrev. There is a rhyme hidden in each letter and the sender’s name is replaced with dots. If the recipient can guess who sent the letter, the sender owes them a chocolate egg.

For many of us Easter arrives with a promise of longer days, sunshine and spring. We wish you all the best wherever and however you celebrate it.

Emmy & Laz

P.s.: all flowers featured on the photos above were organically grown in our garden.

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  • Bryanna on

    My gran and I used to hang decorated eggs outside, and we would make an Easter “tree” from a fallen branch.

    In the US (where I grew up) we would also find our Easter basket in the morning that had been hidden by the Easter bunny, and we would do egg hunts for little prizes. Odd how these things start!

    The ecoLogical

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