Are natural skin care products better for your skin?

Are natural skin care products better for your skin?

We believe that using only natural and organic ingredients in our products is much better than using harsh chemicals and also nature can provide us with everything we need to stay healthy.

We believe that this is valid for the food we eat, the homes we live in, the clothes we wear and the skin care products we use.

This is our ethos which drives us while formulating and producing our products, and sourcing their ingredients.

We believe in these values because we are aware that we only have on planet and we need to look after it in order to leave it clean and healthy for future generations.

We asked the people

We were curious if others share these thoughts, and to find out more we prepared a survey. The question was very simple: Could you please tell us why you like skin care products made of natural and organic ingredients as opposed to those which contain parabens and other nasty chemicals?

The answers simply spoke for themselves. Here are some examples:

Additional preservatives irritate and dry the skin as well as cause long term health issues and damage. Using organic natural products nourish the skin outside and inside without adverse effects.” (Andrea)

Kinder and safer for the skin” (Alison)

Why interfere with what is available naturally? We're all made from natural stuff, so surely natural stuff will suit us the best.” (Caroline)

I love nature and really hate the way we are destroying natural habitats with all the chemical products always had sensitive skin and natural ingredients seem to work best they smell so much better!” (Catriona)

Are all natural products equally good for you?

The main motives of consumers using natural cosmetics and skin care products are these products don’t contain chemicals, are gentle to the skin and ecologically friendly.

But are all the natural products good for you? Some of them are just labelled as natural, but reading the list of ingredients you can see that it is not always the case. How do you know how to abandon them? Formaldehyd, nanoparticles, parabens, aluminum chlorohydrate, ammonia, etc. are all ingredients introduced in the last century and are often classified as toxins.

Classical natural skin care products (without any added chemicals) were used and tested for at least several hundreds of years. Plant extracts and herbs have been used by many cultures for skin care since ancient times. Castor oil was applied for skin protection in ancient Egypt. Salve made from beeswax, olive oil and rose water was described by the Romans. Ayurvedic skin care is 5000 years old and contains among others cocoa, coconut, avocado and grapeseed oil. Traditional Chinese medicine uses jojoba oil and shea butter in skin care products.

Natural cosmetics may not have all the required literature, scientific in vitro research or medical testing, but they have a long cultural history all around the world.

Still, not everything that is natural might be good for you. Even some components of the chemical free skin care products can cause irritations if someone is allergic to that particular ingredient. For example, people with severe nut allergy can have an allergic reaction using a natural cream which contains almond, walnut or groundnut oil.

Therefore it is very important to check the INCI list of the natural skin care product you are about to buy or perform a patch test before using it.

We at Magical Tree create cosmetic formulas using only natural ingredients. We are following regulations of how to prepare, dilute and process the ingredients to have a finished and safe product at the end.

This resonates with the opinion of some of those who took part in our survey:

Just like we have to think about what we put into our bodies the same applies to what we put on our bodies. I would rather my skin absorbing goodness from natural skincare products than nasties.” (Chana)

Natural and organic skincare is good for my skin, I don't have to be afraid of it being carcinogenic or endocrine disruptive. At the same time it won't poison the nature.” (Daphna)

Better for the environment as well as better for your skin” (Janis)

Many consider natural skin care healthy and ethical

Natural skin care is considered by many to be healthy and ethical and some of them consider it better both for the environment and for the body.

Being ethical for us means that skin care should support cruelty free beauty. We source our ingredients very carefully and request all the important documents and certificates needed. We choose suppliers certified by Soil Association and the Vegan Society.

We never tested individual ingredients or finished skin care products on animals. In fact, most of our products are vegan.

When choosing non-toxic, recyclable packaging or a product which does not contain any microbeads, you embrace a life philosophy. You become part of a community.

Good for the ecosystem, friendly but more important natural products better for your body” (Nicky)

Skin reacts to natural products better than those with chemicals. Tackles problems more effectively also.” (Fabia)

It's really important to me to minimise synthetic products on my skin.” (Melanie)

I do care what I put on my skin, in to my stomach. These days too many chemicals everywhere around us, I’m trying to avoid it as much as possible.” (Edita)

Recycling is also part of our philosophy

Recycling, reusing and upcycling packaging reduces consumption of new raw materials, the amount of waste and it is a step towards being environmentally friendly. Discarded materials can be turned into something useful and often beautiful. When upcycling, you are giving an item a new purpose.

Going green should not necessarily mean that you need to chain yourself to a tree to save it from being cut down. But if you recycle or reuse the cardboard box you received our product in, you make a great effort to save a tree. Revamping the empty glass jar when our body butter is used up and creating something nice of it, such as a candle holder, gives the object a new life and brings cosy atmosphere to your home. You can smile and lay back with the feeling of doing something good to nature.

Let’s see some more the thoughts of some of the participants of the survey:

I only choose to use natural products for skin and hair to build my natural beauty” (Donna)

I like to think I do my bit to help 're environment and if it can help my skin look it's best too then that's even better!” (Kelly)

We can't look after ourselves without looking after our world” (Mark)

I’d far rather use natural products as they are so much better for us and I feel uncomfortable using products with chemicals in. They are so much kinder to our skin and often smell divine.” (Victoria)

Some final thoughts

It’s nice to read about, how people do care not just about themselves but the environment, the planet as well. It reassures us that what we do and believe in resonates with the pursuit of others.

A thoughtful life can lead us to a better future. Nature can provide us with almost everything we need to and we have to make sure, that this coexistence can continue to be fruitful for our children as well.

Take care of nature, take care of yourself.

Emmy & Laz
Emmy Laz

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