Autumn skincare routine

autumn magicaltree routine skincare

Autumn skincare routine

Chilly mornings, shorter days, and fallen leaves, Autumn has officially arrived. With beautiful colours, rich soups, smooth hot chocolate and twinkling candlelight.

While cosy jumpers, spiced hot drinks are providing you with warmth and comfort, cooler temperatures are not particularly beneficial for your skin. This season is perfect to rejuvenate and prepare it for winter.

Having a balanced skincare routine is as important as having a balanced diet. While lighter creams could have done their job in the summer to hydrate sun-dried skin, they might not be enough when the weather cools down.

Although your basic skincare products should not need to be changed all year round, your skin might need some extra TLC in the changing season. Here is a guide on how to update your skincare routine for autumn.

Weekly exfoliation

Weekly Exfoliation

Now that our natural bronze tan is fading away, like those long warm summer evenings, it’s time to kick off with exfoliation. It’s not only making your skin smoother but it’s also helping blood circulation. Our skin is a beautiful and strong barrier and with good blood circulation you can keep it healthy and happy.

Oil based scrubs are perfect for autumn because you do get the extra benefit of hydration. Exfoliation can be easily implemented into your morning routine. Natural scrubs are simple to use and full of nurturing ingredients.

If you haven’t found your perfect body exfoliator yet, Choko Kiss Body Scrub can be a refreshing option for you with it’s revitalising and fresh minty aroma. It‘s a nice scrub to treat flaky skin with, get rid of damaged cells and prepare it to absorb more moisture.

Don’t over exfoliate your skin but help it to get rid of dead cells once a week and give your skin a good old scrub.

Regular Hydration

Regular Hydration

Cleaning and hydrating facial skin is part of the everyday morning routine of many people. Some good advice is not to leave your home shortly after applying your face cream. Wait a bit until it soaks in and your skin is not moist anymore.

As soon as the weather gets chilly wear your gloves and hat. The first signs of aging often appear on hands. If you keep them nice and warm you can save your older self from having arthritis in your fingers and as an added bonus you can postpone the aging of your skin too.

Wearing your gloves and using a rich moisturiser once or twice a day you can avoid having cracking cuticles and itchy skin. It’s worth it to keep a heavier nourishing cream in reach at your workplace too. Velvet Touch Body Butter based on shea butter is gently nurturing and hydrating.

Extra tip: the best time to apply a butter is after you’ve washed your hands. Don’t dry your hands fully, keep it a bit moist before applying the butter. It will seal in the moisture that has already been absorbed in your hands.

Keep your lips smooth too. Have a lip balm /salve with you and anytime you feel your lips dry use it. Lips are particularly prone to cracking and need some nourishing love on blustery autumn days.

Remember your feet as well. They will need that extra care after a long day in boots. Give them a bit of TLC with a hot bath using a couple of drops of essential oils from time to time, including a weekly exfoliation and regular hydration.

Daily Protection

Daily Protection

Chilly and windy weather can stress your skin and you may experience some redness and dryness. This is a sign that your skin might be in need of a bit more hydration and protection. Especially those bits which are more exposed to the elements.

An antioxidant and natural fatty acid rich evening serum can be introduced to your evening skincare. Eternal Beauty Anti Aging Face Serum ticks those boxes due to the rosehip, pomegranate oil and Vitamin E content.

Cold weather can take a toll on your hair as well. To give it an extra shine and nourishment you can use a rich hair mask twice a month or more if needed. Sweet Delight Body Butter is not only for your skin but you can also use it for your hair. Thanks to its main ingredients, virgin coconut oil and shea butter, it’s highly nourishing.

This butter melts instantly as soon as it touches your palm and you don’t need to use too much of it. Moisten your hair, massage a bit of the butter (1 teaspoon) into the roots of your hair and work your way to the tips. Leave it for up to 15-30 minutes. Wash your hair as usual with shampoo and rinse with water.

With the changing season your skin type might change a little bit too. Oily skin can get less oily, normal skin a bit dry. Monitor your skin, cuticles and hair during the season and adjust accordingly. Don’t forget to feed your skin from inside, taking vitamins or omega supplements, keeping a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water are also important for keeping your skin healthy.


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