Happy New Year!

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Every year before the new year's eve we look back and measure what we've achieved in that year. Sometimes we are content with our achievements, sometimes we feel we've missed some opportunities. But a new year always brings new hope and there's always a second chance to make up for what we've missed before and even more.

Looking back to 2016 we at Magical Tree can say that for us it was a year full of emotion, excitement and realisation. We've been testing some nice skincare products and we've had quite a success with them with our relatives and friends leading us to the decision to open our online shop. It was a bold decision, but we were fulfilling an old dream of ours.

And slowly that dream came true. It's been a steep learning curve, we've had ups and downs, we had to learn so many things, but ultimately everything was worthwhile and finally on the 12th of December we've managed to open our Magical Tree shop.

We have big plans for 2017 and we just hope we can share all with you. Because sharing is caring and we care about people, people like you.

We wish you all the best for 2017, good health and many success! We hope we can help each other to fulfil each other's dreams!

Have a magical 2017!

Emmy & Laz
Emmy Laz

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