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Hello world, we are open! Open to share our products with you and also open to your thoughts as well.

Magical Tree was born to offer possible natural solutions to some skin conditions. At first we made some natural cosmetics for ourselves, then to our relatives and friends. After having success with them, we took the bold decision to open an online shop. And, here we are.

Producing only from natural and organic ingredients wasn't a marketing choice for us. We buy our food from the local market, we try to upcycle and recycle as much as possible and when we choose a house to live in it was obvious that it had to have solar panels.

As we have to protect nature, we also have to protect our body. Using only natural products will help us in doing so.

Our friends, the animals were helping us for centuries, it wouldn't be fair to use them to test anything on them.

Every tree is magical and has a world within. Just like us. We are Magical Tree and we would like to know the whole world and to get known by as many people possible. Let's build a community together!

Emmy & Laz
Emmy Laz

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