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Eternal Beauty face serum is launched

Great news for those dry cheeks! We are happy to introduce you the next member of our facial serum family: Glowing Glory hydrating face serum.

Dry skin can be a problem as years go by. Healthy lifestyle, mindfulness and right skincare can help you keeping your appearance natural and youthful.

One of the main causes of dry and dull skin is air pollution. Hidden airborne pollutants can lead to skin irritations, clogged pores, or worsen the effects of ageing. We can’t get a full protection against urban dust and smog but we can help our skin to coop better with the environmental damages.

This is when the right sort of cosmetic oils can be useful. Rich in Vitamin E and healthy fatty acids Gloving Glory face serum can help to counteract the effects of an urban environment.

We carefully selected 100% natural ingredients from all around the world (most of them are organic) to create something good for your skin.

One of the components are Apricot kernel and Jojoba Golden carrier oil. Both are rich in oleic and linoleic acids (such as omega 3 and omega 6). Apricot kernel oil is lightweight and can be used for most skin types, while Jojoba is highly nourishing thanks to ti to the oils that its similarity to oils that naturally occur in the skin.

Another wonderful addition of this formula is Rose geranium essential oil which has a beautiful floral aroma and cited to be highly beneficial for damaged and irritated skin.

This silky smooth serum glides onto skin. It works well on dry and stressed areas, around the eye and on the neckline as well. Spend a few minutes of your day with massaging the Glowing Glory face serum onto your skin to improve circulation and help your skin look radiant. Enjoy the power of nature!


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