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Eternal Beauty face serum is launched

We are happy to welcome Soft Cheeks Face Serum for sensitive skin, the third member of our skin serum range, for many reasons.

When you have sensitive skin that just can’t take anything, introducing a face serum in your everyday routine is not easy. You have to be cautious, apply the minimal amount and wait how your skin will react.

Soft Cheeks face serum may offer a bit of TLC to your sensitive skin. We selected ingredients which may very well work soothing and calming it, and which may help alleviate red, dry patches.

Before using it the first time check if you are allergic to any of the natural ingredients of the face serum. The good news is that we did not use any artificial colours, fragrances, preservatives, parabens, alcohol, etc. to give the most natural touch for your skin.

Weather you are interested in improving your complexion, moisturising your dry skin or simply keeping it healthy the natural plant based ingredients of this serum can be your ally. We chose argan oil blended with jojoba oil as base ingredients as both oils are known for their nourishing and hydrating properties. Argan oil can be beneficial for almost all skin types but those with sensitive and combination skin can rest assured that the 100% pure oil can be a great helper to balance the natural oil production of the skin.

To make Soft Cheeks Face Serum more efficient we added two of the most well known skin soothers to the formula: chamomile and lavender neroli essential oils. Plus, with a hint of neroli oil the serum is lifted to a higher level. Extracted from highly scented orange flowers, neroli essential oil has a special aroma and is used in cosmetics and perfumery for hundreds of years.

It took me years to find something which is working well on my dry but combination skin and I’m happy that I could say goodbye to my acnes and welcome soft and well toned cheeks.

This face serum works great as an overnight treatment. It is light enough and does not make the skin feel greasy.


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