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The text "Ready for something new?" sprinkled around with cocoa powder

A new year brings new possibilities. Although trough the year there is the possibility to try something new, something we never tried before, but since it's the beginning of a new year it's just easier. Some people even have a new year resolution.

After the abundance of food during the Christmas and the new year's eve period some of us are seeking to have a rest for our body. This is the time of the year to start going to the gym or maybe to try out how it's like to be a vegan. After all, we all heard stories of improvements in energy and vitality after going vegan and nevertheless it's great to be considerate to our friends the animals.

It's always an adventure to explore the unfamiliar. January is the best month to start something new and to push ourselves to discover our limits. Maybe there aren't any limits, maybe we just set them.

I always loved all kind of food and I grew up eating meat quite regularly. When I met Emmy I was amazed of the food she was eating. She wasn't a vegan but she wasn't really eating meat, and her diet was everything but traditional. After the first impression, however, somehow I always found myself to enjoy that food. Through those healthier dishes I've remembered why as a child I loved the food cooked by my mother from ingredients she bought from farmers. Farmers who loved and took good care of their vegetables and fruits.

Going vegan means radical change. You change your diet, the clothes you wear, the cosmetics you use. Maybe I'm not ready yet for this change but when we started Magical Tree it was hugely important to me and to Emmy as well to create vegan friendly products and to never test anything on animals. And we definitely won't change this commitment.

This January you might try something new, otherwise just make a coffee, sit back and enjoy the wonderful winter view.


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