Soft Cheeks face serum for sensitive skin won silver!

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Soft Cheeks face serum for sensitive skin won silver at Free From Skincare Awards 2018

We take great care while formulating our products to keep high quality and to please our customers. Having a positive customer feedback is always heartwarming and having a positive feedback of a professional is one of the best things we can dream of. Something to be proud of.

Having our Soft Cheeks face serum for sensitive skin shortlisted at the prestigious Free From Skincare Awards 2018 made us very happy. But being amongst the winners is a fantastic feeling. We are extremely happy to announce that we won a silver in the Oils and Oil-based Serums category.

The products are judged by independent testers who are not influenced in any way, other than by the performance of the product. There is a rigorous and fair process of testing. There are different criteria amongst them a clear labelling. Each tester is testing the products for a period of time and has to fill in a detailed questionnaire. Most of the testers have sensitive skins or intolerances. Having a genuine feedback from a tester with problem skin makes us very happy and we feel that our work is meaningful:

“My skin felt lovely after using this product and it sank straight into the skin. The fragrance is very uplifting. The texture is sublime. It made my skin very soft and hydrated and I didn’t feel the need to use a moisturiser on top of it. My skin is definitely much softer than what it was and it looks more hydrated too. The redness around my nose has calmed down too which is a bonus! I would 100% buy this lovely product again. A joy to use”

We are extremely proud to have our Soft Cheeks face serum for sensitive skin selected by the judges and rewarded with silver. We formulated this face serum for being beneficial and we are very pleased about the feedbacks we received from both of our customers and professional testers.


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