Sweet Delight body scrub shortlisted!

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Sweet Delight body scrub shortlisted

We always work with people to formulate our products. To meet their high standards we use only natural and organic ingredients, we never use any harsh chemicals and we rigorously and ethically test every product until we are 100% sure that it is the best we can offer. We never test our products on animals and only source the ingredients from companies which share our ideas.

Some may say that natural products cannot be harmful, but a higher ratio of some of the natural ingredients (in specially essential oils) may be dangerous when using in a high dose, so with each formulation we are very thoughtful. We are aware that our natural products are very powerful and require sensitive use.

The feeling when customers or testers tell us how much they like our products is indescribable. We always pay attention to the recommendations they give us or suggestions about the way to improve the formula. Different people may have different opinions and that’s just great.

We are at the very beginning of our journey and we know that we still have to learn an awful lot. When we applied for the Free From Skin Care Awards earlier this year (you can learn more about at www.freefromskincareawards.co.uk) we never dreamt that we would achieve a lot, despite the fact that many people loved our Sweet Delight Body Scrub. We are extremly proud that after all this product was shortlisted and the testers gave us valuable reviews. We believe that we achieved our goal: to present our product to knowledgeable people and to learn more from them on how can we do even better in the future.

We feel very fortunate and very proud that a couple of months after starting up our business one of our products was shortlisted at this award. We could praise this product more, but let’s just hear the testers opinion:

The fragrance I can only describe is very much like a Terry's Chocolate Orange - AMAZING! The product worked well and did not feel too harsh on the skin. It feels textured as expected but rinsed off and grains melted away when in contact with warm water so it was easy to remove after use. My skin felt softer and smoother. [...] I did not need to use a body moisturiser afterwards. The salt was just right and not too harsh on the skin but enough to exfoliate it well enough. In addition I suffer from keratosis pilaris and I felt like this product helped with that also which was good.

Initially smells of sweet coconut and a little fruity, the skin is left smelling lovely and so is the bathroom afterwards!!! [...] With continued use the coconut smell is replaced with a citrus smell!! It's very unusual to have a product that can change like that! [...] The great thing about this product is that you don't need to use moisturiser afterwards. It is sooo rich and leaves the skin feeling so soft and soothed. [...] At the end of the month my skin was feeling very nourished. I can bathe without having to moisturise my legs afterwards! My arms are soft and smooth. The intention of the product is to not have to moisturise afterwards and it certainly succeeds!

The fragrance was quite sweet and left a subtle fragrance on the skin afterwards. It rinsed off fairly easily and left a nice oily film on the skin which felt very nourishing. I felt thoroughly cleansed after using this product and quite hydrated from the oils. [...] My skin is very soft now. The product worked very well being an exfoliator.

When I first smelled this, I wanted to eat it. A delicious coconut and orange scent that smells like fragrant food. The scent lingered for a little while after showering. A little goes a long way. I thought I'd get through this quickly, but because it's so effective you don't need much. A deliciously grainy feel on application, easy to wash off and I was left with a satin feel to my skin throughout the day. My skin felt nourished, sloughed and cleansed. Moisturiser? Pah! No need. For me, the combination of oils and himalayan salt is just perfect. There's a clear element of exfoliation but beautifully combined with light oils that leave my skin feeling energised, clean and soft. A perfect combination. This product has undoubtedly changed the feel and appearance of the skin on my shins and calves.  Banished is scaly skin, replaced by soft and glowing skin. For sure this product delivers. This is a fabulous addition to your home spa!


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