The month of love

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Heart sprinkled around with cocoa powder

Heart shaped chocolate box, red roses, candlelight, romantic dinner, nice melodies… for one day in the year everything is all about one thing: LOVE.

Who would have thought that a Christian martyr of the Roman Empire imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry could have had such a big influence of today's 21 century life.

We can thank it to the 14th century though, when courtly love flourished and romantic love did not go out of fashion since then.

Love is the key ingredient of life. The motion of all wheels. Something to life for or worth waiting for. It makes us happy, funny, smiley, melancholic, caring, adorable.

Why do not share it then? Why do not celebrate it? There are so many ways to express it and so many people we can gift with.

May it be a coffee with your friends, a day out with the family, baking heart shaped biscuits with the kids, leaving a small box of goodies at the door of your neighbors, enjoying a spa with your love… writing silly words onto postcards, making a path of rose petals or having a gorgeous dinner together... Celebrating of being and life. Gifting yourself with something nice, you always looked for.

The long and cold winter is soon over and spring takes it's place. Love is in the air. No matter if you want to breath it in or not. No matter if you are single or not, loved or waiting for being loved. Not just for one day but all around the year. Spread it without any expectations and you will be happier and more complete than ever.

Have a magical Valentine's day (and February)!


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