Veganuary - a plunge into an ethical way of life

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Veganuary - a plunge into an ethical way of life

A year has gone by and we are celebrating Veganuary again. We may be inspired by thoughts of a different lifestyle and we can try tasty vegetable based recipes, wear clothes of plant based textiles or use vegan and cruelty free beauty products this month or throughout the year.

An insight to vegan lifestyle

For an outsider vegan lifestyle could seem pretty restrictive. But specific diets,  or lifestyle choices like low-carb diet or clean eating can be just as restrictive. Avoiding animal products is rather a moral and ethical choice and it is not for everyone.

There are certain social groups for whom this lifestyle is unimaginable, and in some cases neither their cultural background nor the chance of survival in a harsh natural environment would allow them to be truly vegan.

But our highly developed civilisation does allow many of us to make our choice of what we eat and how we live. We are lucky to have central heating, electricity, drink water from the tap and enjoy all the mod cons of modern life. We can purchase food and goods from all around the world. Almost everything is only one click away on the internet.

How to start a vegan lifestyle

We are free to introduce the philosophy of veganism or organic lifestyle into our life. We can go off-grid with solar panels and other self-sufficient ways. We can embrace hygge, lagom, wabi sabi or ikigai for a better living. By learning about  the philosophy of these trends and introducing some of their practical aspects into our life, we can do something to make things better around us.

This January is about Veganism. We may as well become familiar with it’s philosophy, be more conscious about our choices. Veganism is not only about following a seemingly extreme diet, but also about being open to ideas that can make a difference and it’s so much more than fashion.

Is it more to being vegan?

There is more to being vegan than what we put into your mouth. Not only do vegans avoid eating animal-related foods, but also avoid doing things which harm animals in any way, like wearing fur, possessing a leather sofa, treating wood furniture with beeswax based polish, or using mass produced skin care products made of synthetic and animal derived ingredients.

Through these choices we make a step forward to join a community for which it is important what we leave as legacy to the next generation.

At Magical Tree we have decided to use only plant based, natural and mostly organic ingredients in our products. Our contribution to the world, flora and fauna is by choosing ingredients from sustainable sources and being cruelty free. One of the best examples are our body scrubs, a main ingredient of which is coconut oil. We are ensured by our supplier that the coconut oil we use  is not only sourced sustainably, but there was no animal labour (monkeys) used when harvesting the coconuts.

Our aim is to promote a lifestyle which is sustainable, healthy and most of all makes you feel good. Whatever your motivation is, Veganuary is an excellent opportunity to act against animal cruelty, introduce a healthier lifestyle into your everydays or treat your skin with natural beauty products. I really hope we can contribute to it.


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