Women are wonderful!

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Women are beautiful like this heart shape made of Spring flowers

Women are wonderful! They can do so many things at once. It's like magic: you look away for a moment and when you look back again things are already done. When I was a student we used to joke about the "magic wardrobe" back home, to where the warn clothes somehow always got back cleaned and beautifully ironed.

We shouldn't forget of those women neither who are doing an awesome job at the office, do the shopping, work around the house, raise children and being a superb wife as well.

For me as a man it is hard to comprehend why women doing the same job are still earning less money? Or why some companies employ a man with average skills instead of a highly skilled woman?

In March we have plenty of opportunities to celebrate women.

On the 8th there is the International Women's Day. In some countries on this day men give to the women they know (family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours etc.) small gifts and a flower (usually snowdrops). It all started in 1909 in New York, but it got really important after the 8th of March 1917 when a women textile workers demonstration began in the capital of the Russian Empire leading to the beginning of the Russian Revolution. After the abdication of the czar the provisional Government granted women the right to vote. Besides of the political importance of this day it is nice to offer flowers the women around us.

Also in March we have Mother's Day. If women are awesome, mothers are super magical. They posses an immense energy to protect and to educate us when we are children, they always know what we need and nevertheless they have a special skill to sense when we are down. Mothers are always pleasantly surprised when they are remembered because they don't expect to be. It's just so natural for them to give.

March is wonderful. The nature slowly wakes up after the long winter, the first flowers start to bloom and birds are singing everywhere. And it is so wonderful because we have many occasions to remember all the important women of our life. If you are a woman reading these thoughts, please accept a virtual snowdrop from me as a thank you for being awesome.


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